Behavioral Addictions Treatment Program


It is now recognised that some behavioural abnormalities that involve impulsive, poorly controlled, repetitive and excessive participation in a specific activity (eg binge eating, internet gaming, internet shopping), may actually be addictions. Recent evidence from neuroscience has shown that many of these behavioral addictions have abnormalities of brain mechanisms that are similar to the problems that underlie better recognised alcohol and drug dependencies.

At NCeNTA we provide specialised programs that offer medical treatments that may assist in managing many of these behavioral addictions.

Collaboration in Complex Chronic Pain Management

For some patients, complex chronic pain management can be strengthened with additional input from Addiction Medicine specialists. NCeNTA’s clinical team work in collaboration with a wide range of chronic pain specialists to provide enhanced treatment options including assessment and management of issues of addiction and dependence, and modulation and reduction of opiate neuroadaptation.